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Automate Food Planning With Matrix Cafeteria Management Solution.

Many offices, factories, call centers, hostels, schools, clubs, and hospitals operate their own cafeterias for their employees and students. Menu management, attendance, and consumption in cafeterias are challenging processes. It is cumbersome and error-prone to use manual and paper-based processes, resulting in errors and wasting time and materials. Food consumption must be tracked using a canteen management system.

In Matrix, you can track food consumption item-by-item and for groups of users. It is possible to plan different menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, special days, and different occasions. Matrix biometric cafeteria management software enables users to make cafeteria processes cashless with post-paid and pre-paid accounting options. Prior to ordering, pre-paid account users must recharge their smart cards. In contrast, post-paid users can order food using any credential including fingerprints, proximity cards, or smart cards. There is no monetary transaction involved in either method, the amount is debited from the user's account.


Choice of Canteen Owners

An organization or institution can use a canteen management system to automate and streamline management of the canteen or cafeteria. Meal planning, inventory management, ordering, payment processing, and reporting are typically included in the system.

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Benefits of Canteen Management

Improved efficiency

Cost savings

Enhanced accuracy

Better customer service

Key Features

Contactless Credentials

Cashless Transactions

Biometric Prepaid Solution



Customize Menu & Items

Menu Schedule

Item Tracking to Prevent Wastage

Create Menu and Scheduling as per Requirement

Pre-paid and Post-paid

Comprehensive Features with COSEC MIRROR