Employee Self
Service Solution

We have the perfect solution for Employee Self Service Solutions.

One solution that contains HR, payroll, and ESS of the next generation.

Next generation HR, Payroll and ESS in one powerful yet simple solution.

Easily manage your menu planning, inventory management, meal ordering and payment processing, and reporting.

Our goal is to provide our customers with reliable, efficient access control solutions. Let us design and implement a solution for your unique needs.


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Choice of Employee Self Service.

An organization or institution can use a canteen management system to automate and streamline management of the canteen or cafeteria. Meal planning, inventory management, ordering, payment processing, and reporting are typically included in the system.

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Improved efficiency

Cost savings

Enhanced accuracy

Better customer service


For Employees

View Attendance and Leave Details.

Mark Attendance

View Shifts and Schedules

Visitor Pre-Registration

View Cafeteria Details

Apply for Leave/Tour

Apply for Attendance


Edit Personal Information

For Reporting Officers

Approve Leave/Tour Request

Approve Visitor


Authorize Attendance

Plan Shifts and Schedules

View Team Attendance

Key Features

Mark Attendance

  • Login and Mark Attendance from Anywhere
  • Easy to Track Time-Attendance of Field Employees
  • Leave Status

  • View Leave Balance for Current or Previous Month
  • Details Like Credit/Debit, Encashment, Availed, Closing
  • Cafeteria Details

  • Allow Access when Two Users use their Access Rights Simultaneously
  • For Sensitive Zones like Bank Safes, Lab, Server Room, etc.
  • Leave/Tour Application

  • Eliminates Paper Work for Leave Application
  • Employee gets Notification on Approval
  • Visitor Pre-Registration

  • Pre-register a Visitor using ESS
  • Saves Time and Creates a Professional Image
  • Attendance Status

  • View Daily/Monthly Attendance
  • View Attendance Summary
  • Shift Schedules

  • View Shift Schedule for Current and Upcoming Months
  • Improve Time Management and Efficiency
  • Holiday Schedule

  • Check Yearly Holiday Schedule
  • Plan Leaves in Advance
  • Apply for Attendance Correction

  • Allows Employees to Apply for Attendance Correction
  • Accurate Attendance Management
  • Add/Edit Personal Details

  • Maintain an Error-free and Updated Database of All Employees
  • .
  • Employees can Add/Edit their Details
  • .

    View and Edit User Profile

    Mark Attendance Using Wi-Fi and GPS

    View Attendance and Leave Details

    Leave/Tour Application and Approval

    We understand your needs and design solutions accordingly.

    Matrix Access Control solution is explicitly built on an open platform that can be effortlessly integrated with any 0.33-celebration hardware together with Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance. It becomes crucial for the duration of an untoward incident like sudden fire, where each person must be safely evacuated from the premises. Integration of Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance allows the fireplace alarm to generate a trigger in case of any mishap. This cause will straight away open all the doorways and begin recording the occasion. Similarly, it offers reliably stable integration with Turnstile, Boom Barrier, Tripod and different such get right of entry to gates. Hence, Matrix offers tighter integration for cost-introduced functions and superior protection.